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Rob Potna has carefully blended generations of rap to craft the latest sound in hip-hop. The Camden native currently lives in Dallas and has meshed the old school east coast boom-bap rap with the southern flavor of dirty, low down trap to make a style that balances the lyrical content with the more melodious side of hip-hop. His influences range from Jay-Z and Jadakiss to Rick Ross and UGK, leading to the well-balanced sound that he would polish up through demo tapes under a former alias. Now more confident in his abilities than ever after opening for artists like Jeezy and Three 6 Mafia, Rob is back with a vengeance on his debut single, “Impact.” The motivation has always been there for him, and with records like this that show off his rapid-fire flow and potent lyricism while proving his versatility with his infectious hooks, Rob Potna is here to stay in the game for a long time. His debut album “Only the Life,” is scheduled to release later this year and give fans the long-awaited project they have been dreaming of.

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